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Meteorological Data Processing

Meteorological Data

Meteorological data is probably the second-most critical component of any air quality modeling study. If the met data is not already available for your dispersion modeling project, you can be sure that our experts will be available for you. Whether you need meteorological inputs for AERMOD or CalPuff, Providence/Oris is your solution! Is your data source National Weather Service (NWS) hourly data, Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) 1-minute surface data, on-site observations, meteorological model (e.g. MM5) predictive data or some combination? It doesn’t matter because we can process any and all formats for you.

Simple data processing requests, such as basic NWS surface and upper air data, can be processed for as little as $200/year. Need something more complex than that? Contact us for a quick quote with the form below. With our quick turnaround, you’ll have your processed meteorological data back in no time!