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Do you need assistance in running your air dispersion models or are pressed for time to get the results? Does your company need custom software to help you be successful in all your environmental needs? Do you need assistance with meteorological data processing?

All our services are personally tailored to match your business needs so you can focus on your success.

BeestXpress - Run Aermod Models Fast

BEEST Xpress Our BeestXpress AERMOD Modeling Service will free up your computers while we do the work for them. With the click of a button and an upload of your input files, your AERMOD run will be processing on one of our high performance modeling servers. Your large dispersion modeling runs will finish in a fraction of the time!

BeestXpress works by taking your BEEST Aermod input file and partioning it across multiple simultaneous processes. Once finished, the output is merged into a single output file, resulting in a file that is identical to the file that would have result from a local BEEST Aermod run.

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Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software In addition to our off-the-shelf modeling software, we offer custom software solutions for modeling and other purposes. For example, we can install a customized version of our speedy BeestXpress software to enable companies to drastically reduce AERMOD run times using their own servers and computers.

We also develop customized environmental compliance systems to help companies track compliance tasks and ensure they are completed on time. Our experienced programmers can provide other customized software as well to you find the most cost-effective, high quality method for operating in order to perform and deliver quality results in a short amount of time.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services With our modeling software at work all over the United States, it's our job to stay on top of the latest developments in modeling techniques and the regulations that require modeling.

Consequently, we are well-equipped to assist our customers with New Source Review PSD modeling analyses, state air toxics modeling, RMP off-site consequence analyses, health risk assessment modeling, and more. We customize our consulting engagements to fit project-specific challenges and budgets to effectively build relationships that are not only long-lasting, they're successful as well.

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Meteorological Data Processing

Meteorological Data Processing Meteorological data is probably the second most critical component of any air quality modeling study. If the met data is not already available for your dispersion modeling project, you can be sure that our experts will be available for you. Whether you need meteorological inputs for AERMOD or CalPuff, Providence/Oris is your solution!

Is your data source National Weather Service (NWS) hourly data, Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) 1-minute surface data, on-site observations, meteorological model (e.g. MM5) predictive data or some combination? It doesn’t matter because we can process any and all formats for you so contact us for a quick quote. With our quick turnaround, you’ll have your processed meteorological data back in no time!

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